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About Microsoft Pudince

Microsoft Pudince was founded by long time CEO Ryan Walpole on December 21, 2009 as “Pudince”. After many years of successful software engineering success, Microsoft partnered with Pudince in 2011 and the size of the company grew to include over 20 employees, a main office and a suite of successful software applications by 2013.

In 2014 Pudince acquired Ninko Corporation and ZAC Phones LTD and began hardware manufacturing, marking the first step in the company outside of Software development.

In 2018 Microsoft Corporation purchased the majority stake in Pudince. Pudince is now owned by Microsoft Corporation and Ryan Walpole Enterprises.

In 2019 Pudince was re-branded to Microsoft Pudince. A new CEO was assigned to the company to oversee operations.

In 2020, Microsoft and Ryan Walpole Enterprises came to an agreement regarding offering ongoing support for products offered by Pudince, Ninko, Xenria, ZAC and other Pudince subsidiaries from 2009-2018.

In 2021, parent companies Ryan Walpole Enterprises and Microsoft Corporation started the Pudince Consortium. As of January 1, 2020 the consortium was announce and consisted of the following companies:

  • Microsoft Corporation.
  • Ryan Walpole Enterprises.
  • Intel Corporation.

On July 22, 2021, the following companies joined the Pudince Consortium:

  • Qualcomm Incorporated.
  • NVIDIA Corporation.
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