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The Future of Pudince

In November of 2018, Microsoft welcomed it’s newest acquisition, Pudince LLC, into the Microsoft family. Since November of last year a lot of changes and developments have been made within Microsoft and Pudince, as well as our partner in operation Ryan Walpole Enterprises. It has taken a multitude of meetings, strategic planning and feedback from staff, peers, partners and consumers to come to a decision as to where we should take Pudince in the future and what we are capable of doing with the talented software engineers and community that surrounds the company.

As of May 1, 2018 the following changes have been made at Pudince:

  • The software engineers working on the Pudince AeroBrowse web browser for Windows have been moved to the Microsoft Edge Developer team and have been putting their talent and skill towards engineering the brand new Microsoft Edge on Chromium.
  • The UI and UX team have been working on a suite of Microsoft products including the brand new Microsoft Edge on Chromium and have been consultants on many projects from Ryan Walpole Enterprises, including the GameOn Software Suite.
  • The Pudince Research team has been split into two, with half of the team continuing with Pudince’s ViatelCo Technology and the other half working with Microsoft Research on various projects.

As we have welcomed Pudince into our family for 6 months, we feel that it is about time to talk about the future of Pudince and which direction we plan to take Pudince.

The Future of Pudince

Straight off the bat we’d like to reaffirm that Pudince is here to stay as it’s own company under the Microsoft family banner. We at Microsoft have no intentions of folding the company and absorbing the resources and staff for Microsoft projects. While we appreciate the ability to work with Pudince’s talented software engineers and have them contribute to our new and existing developments, we appreciate that Pudince has a long history in developing software applications and technologies that we look forward to watching continue into the future.

Over the course of the next couple of months, the Pudince research team are going to continue working alongside Vodafone Australia and New Zealand on the Viatelco Network and Telecommunications technology. We are currently having conversations with the UI/UX and Software Engineer teams to understand the kinds of projects they would like to work on. We will continue to offer them the opportunity to work on Microsoft Edge on Chromium. We anticipate that we will be launching several new software applications in the coming year from Pudince, developed by Pudince.

Existing Pudince Applications

As per conversations with our partners and staff at Pudince, we believe that it was in the best interest to cancel the following development projects at Pudince:

  • AeroBrowse for Windows cancelled in favor of using the team resources for Microsoft Edge on Chromium.
  • GameOn Driver (previously not publicly disclosed) has been moved to Ryan Walpole Enterprises for future development.
    • Third party solutions have also been moved to Ryan Walpole Enterprises for either future development or cancellation.
  • Spring, Air and LX Development Kits have been cancelled.
  • Pudince XI has been cancelled in favor of using the team resources to better improve Cortana and Bing.
  • All existing hardware resources and projects have been cancelled.

Relationship with Microsoft and Ryan Walpole Enterprises

As the parent companies to Pudince, Microsoft Corporation and Ryan Walpole Enterprises will continue to support Pudince where applicable. As the majority stakeholder in the company, we at Microsoft will be consulting Ryan Walpole Enterprises on large company decisions as we appreciate the work Ryan has done as CEO and Founder for the past 10 years. Ultimately at Microsoft our aim is to do right by the company and it’s employees. Microsoft’s relationship with Ryan Walpole Enterprises is a strong one with open and understanding dialog regarding what to do and where to take Pudince in the future.

We hope that this post has helped the community better understand our intentions and the future of Pudince and Pudince projects. We look forward to the future of Pudince and what will come from the talented and skilled engineers and designers at Pudince.

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